Avocado Hass

Hass avocados have a pebbly skin that ripens from green to nearly black. The flesh is soft, creamy, and barely fibrous with good oil content and a nutty slightly sweet taste. Most are grown in the Southern and Eastern provinces

Avocado Fuerte

Green in colour, pear shaped, the Fuerte is marginally oily with a rich, creamy flavour and notes of hazelnut


Rich yellowish orange colour when ripe, round shaped fruits that are medium to large in size. Smooth texture, no fibres. Very sweet! In Rwanda we have Apple mango, Tommy Atkins and Kent varieties

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit is considered to be the largest berry of all plants and its thick purple skin wrinkles when ripe. Inside, it has small, black edible seeds surrounded by an aromatic, jelly-like pulp that has a lemony, sweet-tart flavour


Pineapple is a significant crop in Rwanda, grown in all of the provinces. High antioxidant content, super sweet with a lovely golden colour when picked for airfreight


Tamarillos are also known as tree tomatoes and are red in colour and oval shaped. In Rwanda they are grown mostly in the northwestern and western parts of the country. Inside, the tamarillo is orange, with small edible seeds